Hidden Camera Scanner Hire

With illegal placement of hidden cameras and other monitoring equipment becoming a growing concerns on farms, you can now check for spy equipment on your farm with help from the Milking Goat Association. 

We have purchased a Bug Detector – Profinder 1216i. This is latest evolution in counter surveillance bug sweeping devices. A very sensitive professional bug detector with informative LED display and with 3 channel design covering a very wide frequency spectrum which covers all known bugging device transmission frequencies. These are also broken down into three bands ensuring easier detection where multiple transmissions are evident.

The Profinder is available to hire for Full members of the Milking Goat Association for £50 + VAT.  The equipment will be shipped out to you on a Monday morning and you must ensure it is returned to us through the Post Office by Thursday of the following week.  Late return will result in an additional fee of £25 + VAT per week, or part of.  

You can check availability of the eqipment on the calendar below, if the week is clear then the equipment is available.  To book a hire please complete the form below.  Your booking will be confirmed as soon as possible. 

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