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Open day and Goat Sale Thursday 24th January 2019

11am until 3pm



Sat Nav PL15 9RN

Contact: Raymond Gillbard 077 172 95 614


This herd of goats is for sale due to the contract being stopped. 

The herd was started in July 2016 with 200 milking goats from St Helens Dairy, Yorkshire. 

September 2016  200 milking goats and 6 Billies came from Frank in Holland. 

August 2017  100 in kid does came from Will Frost plus 3 Billies, 

1 a French AI, 1 Billy a Anglo Nubian and 1 Billy a British Saanen


3 Billies which are homebred British Saanen


December 2018 milk statement       Butterfat 4.33           Protein 3.30

TB tested 6th December 2018 CLEAR


430 milkers

Put in groups between 40 and 120.  In kidding order in the last 2.5 years.


Please note a reserve of £150 applies to the ones below:-

73 at 16 months old not kidded ready for Billy.

142 now 8 months old ready for Billy.


Billie’s will be for sale, at a later date, if the above group aren’t sold.

But if sold the Billie’s will be for sale on the day.


The young kids will be put to Billy and will be sold before kidding. They will be scanned for kidding numbers.

Milking Goat Association will send out details.


All Deadstock for sale (please note VAT at 20% to be added)

will have reserves and can not go until all goats are gone

·       De Laval 24 rapid exit parlour in one length.  Bought new 2017. Will be taken out and

        ready to load on vendors transport once goats have gone.

·       24 Westfalia milking clusters, individual shut offs.

·       Walk through troughs 10ft long x 20

·       4 square silage feeders (take a round bale)

·       2 Adlib cake feeders with shut offs hold 750kgs cake at a time

·       2 straw feeders

·       2 kidding boxes

·       Shepherdess bucket


Sale Conditions: Sold as seen.

The sale will be done by bids in envelopes to be in by 2.30pm.

Bidders will be told on the day whether successful.

If two bids or more are the same the bidders will be given options.

If you like one group and are not successful, please indicate other options you would like to bid for.


IF you are not able to attend the open day BUT would like to view and put a bid beforehand contact Raymond on 077 172 95 614 to arrange this.

Funds must be cleared before livestock or deadstock leave the premises.


Haulage contact details:-

Davey’s Livestock Transport 01566 77 4251


B&B details:-

Countryman Inn Langdon Cross Launceston 01566 785333

Eagle House Hotel Launceston       01566 77 4488


If coming from A30 in Launceston take the B3254 Bude to Launceston and there will be a sign on the B3254 approx 10 miles from Launceston.  If travelling from Holsworthy / Kilkhampton  direction at Red Post take the B3254 Launceston Road.

A sign at Hornacott Cross and a sign outside the farm gate.

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