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Make a Whistleblowing Report

The law allows employees to make a ‘protected disclosure’ of certain information.  Whistleblowing protection is confined to a disclosure which, in the reasonable belief of the employee making the disclosure, is made in the public interest.

If you are concerned that there is inappropriate behaviour taking place on a farm you work on, you should first approach your line manager or the owner of the business to report it.  However, if it is not appropriate to approach people within the company, or you feel a report has not been dealt with correctly, you can report the issue to us in complete confidence. 

Inappropriate behaviour could be anything from animal welfare issues to bribery. 

What happens when you place a report? 

Your report will be reviewed and investigated by a committe of 4 representatives from the Milking Goat Association Board of Directors.  Your report to us is completely confidential, and we only ask for your contact details so that we can contact you to discuss your report, and inform you of our findings and next steps.  


Submit a Whistleblowing Report

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