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What is the Milking Goat Association?

Goat milk production has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and the industry is continually looking ahead at significant development in areas such as AI and genomics, disease control and reducing mortality, and kid rearing protocols.  A wide range of industry stakeholders have suggested that an Association is needed to pull operators together, and enhance national productivity and sustainability of the industry.  

What does the Association want to achieve? 

The main goals of the association are:


  • To bring together research and development from farm level and academic researchers, to distribute it to the wider industry to increase productivity and sustainability of the overall industry.


  • Provide an associated body to take issues to Government and the wider industry, such as livestock health status and awareness of industry.


  • Work with industry wide representatives to promote the nutritive value of goats’ milk, cheese and meat to ensure long term sustainability.

  • Carry out farmer led meetings including discussion groups, both to disseminate farm-level and academic research findings, and to identify any areas in which further research is required.

  • Further develop links with Goat farmers and academics throughout Europe and worldwide, with the aim of delivering best practice to the UK industry through overseas study tours and visiting speakers.


  • Work with industry representatives to ensure any required research is carried out.

Have your say! 

All members will have the opportunity to further shape the goals of the association, and vote on any significant decisions to be made within the association  

Membership Fees

Membership fees for milk producers with 200+ goats is based on a levy of £0.0005 (0.05p) per litre + VAT.  Your levy may be collected through your milk buyer, but if you do not have a milk buyer, the levy can be paid directly. 


Membership fees for milk producers with less than 200 goats is £50 + VAT per year. 

Associate membership is available for £75 + VAT per business per year for non milk producing farmers and professional members.  

A maximum of 3 members from one business can join for one membership fee.  

There is no charge for Student Members. 

Any Questions?  Get in Touch!

You can call us on 01454 436046 or email

Or get in touch on Social Media  

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